Monday, December 20, 2010

vistana hotel

Yesterday my friend was coming penang and having shopping here for two days one night.While waiting for my four friends,i and my friend had going to perkakak having our breakfast..He told me that,he was shocked when saw i eat too much at morning.haha.That is because there's food is my lover,so i will eat like that.Have little shy nia!Than when my friend calling me and wanna to fetch them,than we to Vistana Hotel.Oh ya,my friend drive the car was dangerous,i never scream when people fetch me,he is the one who make me scream out,my friends scream too..They told me that,they thought they life will end up there.haha.After that,when we arrive hotel,my four friends was excited and run over the hotel.How cute of my friends,but i was calm and sitting at side chatting with friends.Than the hotel was terrible when the first sight saw into the single room,it let we feel hair stand on end.huh.So,my friends ask me to lock the single room and left it blank,cause i cannot let my friend sleep at so dangerous room,so i decided let him sleep double room.I suddenly think that ,i just like their leader,help them calling room service,asking the way of road,help them many things..But it can shows that i was a responsible girl.^^
We than going swimming there,the depth of the swimming pool is 1.4m,my all friends was scared and just stay at there children's swimming pool.I'm sure is swimming and enjoying.Than we was in the condition of tired and shopping queensbay mall..We was so tired but we had to buy many shirt and shoes..

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This few day,i was stay at penang and having fun with my friends..I was so excited,the first night is we together watch movie at cinema,the movie is "lelio popo"..This movie so funny,and i and him laugh until very loud.^^But i angry my friend,he said that he not watching movie at all,he just at there heard my laugh sound,oh my god,he will be kill by me..hahahaha..But that night is too happy,i receive flower from him,thats time i so shy but i pretend i very calm..haha.Than the second day going to Hard Rock,the view was wonderful.I and him at there had take many photo,just feel so happy and excited when together with him..After that,we going to gurney watching movie,but i don't know why that movie not so funny,than he keep laughing..haha.
The third day is we to gurney shopping again,haha..This three days keep to gurney shopping only.We going to sakae having our lunch,but i just little bit only,because i don't know what i want to eat.Than he order a set to eat,when he eating,i saw his expression,so funny..hahahahaha...He told me that he was regret that he order this set.^^After that,we going to jalan mahsuri there fetch my cousin,we still need to wait my cousin for one hour,she just like a king,need we to wait..We going to queensbay mall shopping again.haha. But don't know why when have cousin here,we become very quiet.Than my cousin was very shy and when we are inside sushi king having our dinner,we three sit there so quiet and we are so shy.haha. Than she asked her friend talk on phone with her and than like that we just can chatting..Huh..
Than we start talking when she was on phone..Yesterday so late sleep because i suddenly no mood..
Today i was to komtar,wo having steam boat as our lunch.That tomyam steam boat so nice..haha..I suddenly feel that i want stay at penang forever because there so much thing to eat and play..Than i surely shopping at there,i buy two shoes and bag..So expensive..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

what of my decision

I'm so confuse that want buy or not? If buy...Like very waste money as i just have one month to study.If dint have buy,i just read tuition paper..That book very expensive!! Who volunteer buy for me.Hehe..That person who snatch my book please return for me. I very need it now

Monday, October 11, 2010

my energy are back

Today when at chemistry lesson,my teacher say a word that can let me more hardworking.Hehe...When teacher round and check on student's work,she nothing to say...But when she was checked on my work,she said that'pandainya kamu'... Wahaha.How great i am..With her word,i will more study hard.. When at study!I need a person encourage...



Saturday, October 9, 2010

Today i was alone at home,my parents was out early in the morning..They had to my grandma's house..Although i also follow them to there,but they still need fetch one more cousin,then no more place can let me sit,(i am not a fat person)...
Then,they leave me alone at house,giving me money and some food..I need to manage myself in the whole days.But what should i do now?study?
Because today i absence school as nobody fetch me home,but when i online at facebook,i can see many person who same age with also absence,they told me that they already one weeks din have go to,how fun of them!!How about my school,if dint have come one weeks,warning letter will to your house,how pity of tun sharifah rodziah's students.
Say back of my topic,now i was so bored,nobody can talk with me.If like that i will crazy..^^
i now want go find friend chat to prevent me become crazy girl...